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tv   CNN Right Now With Brianna Keilar  CNN  January 10, 2019 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> it just sets the tone for his new term in 2020 that this is not about the government. we'll see you next time on "inside politics." brianna key lilar starts right . underway right now, 100 million people about to miss a paycheck as the president takes a trip he really didn't want to go on to the border. the president and democrats are arguing, not about the way to run the government but whether he handed out candy at a meeting and a temper tantrum. should the mueller report be made public? he's not saying, but if the administration agrees, why not? and nearly 100 of the top positions are empty. all of those stories in just
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a moment, but first we're beginning with breaking news. cnn has learned that robert mueller's team has questioned this man here, trump campaign pollster tony febritzio. this after they shared campaign data with a suspected russian operative and asked that it be passed on to putin ukranian oligarchs. what does this all mean? we have cnn political correspondent sara murray here with us right now. what do we know about this meeting that febrizio had with special counsel? >> we know that this meeting happened in february of last year, and he was seen going into this interview and confirmed that he was, in fact, meeting with the special counsel's team. it was interesting because at the time prosecutors were looking into paul manafort and his creative business dealings, but they were also looking into what those ukranian business dealings would have had to do
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with collusion. it's all interesting because he was with trump on his campaign, and they shared data with a russian associate who was causing alarm asking, why was paul manafort sharing this information. a person who was familiar with his interview said he was asked about some of the work he had previously done with paul manafort in ukraine. he did some polling for him in 2013 and in 2012, but wasn't asked about proprietary trump campaign data. what we don't know, though, is what else was covered over the course of his interview. we know that when mueller brings witnesses in, they tend to be pretty extensive interviews, they cover a lot of ground. there are still a lot of questions about what they might have wanted with febrezio, whether it was manafort relate and had whether there was any follow-up after that. >> and because manafort's lawyers are failing to redact something in a filing, and the mission that manafort passed on this proprietary data,
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interpolling data, pretty sensitive stuff. he passed that on, and we also learned that he was in the hole millions of dollars to an oligarch, right? so he had some business dealings. he was vulnerable in some ways, at least on one front, and we've learned this. >> paul manafort bafsically had no money coming in and he still took a job working on the trump campaign and didn't accept a salary for taking that job. there were a lot of strange things going on with his finances. he had previously made money with the ukranian oligarchs, yet they still owed him a million dollars, and that's who he wanted to get the polling data to, the russian ukranian oligarchs. i think there are a lot of unanswered questions here about why paul manafort felt it was necessary to share this information with a russian associate that prosecutors say had ties to russian intelligence, and why he wanted it in the hands of these pro-prugs ukranian oligarchs.
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democrats are always asking, who knew about it? the president is saying, i didn't know anything about this, i didn't know paul manafort was sharing this information with the russians. >> i want to bring in prosecutor turned defense attorney shannon lu with us. shannon, there is a source familiar with the special counsel's interest that says this man was asked about his polling work for manafort in ukraine rather than his internal trump pullinolling. what does that tell you? >> it tells me that mueller's investigation is over the head of what we don't know. looking at the polling means that you can infer at that point they were already curious and suspicious about what kind of internal information might have been going out and what manafort might have been trying to get out at that point, or at least
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the campaign. this whole issue with the polling data is so curious, because one can't imagine any legitimate reasons why a foreign entity would want any kind of polling data. why manafort's people might spin this saying, they're asking about the work he did for manafort ukranian people, obviously that would not be of great interest to mueller. >> i think this episode is so dramatic for two reasons. one, it's the first time people can look to an event and say, this really looks like collusion with a foreign government interest who all of our intelligence agencies have had it out to beat hillary clinton and make sure trump wasie le el. and that was the entire goal of their interference in this election. the second one was we found this out inadvertently. it means all along people said, there was no collusion that would have leaked out. it is an indicator that mueller might have lots on collusion that we only saw one crumb of
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inadvertently leak out. there are so many witnesses we don't know about. there's so much testimony we don't know about. now that the house is in control -- by democrats in their investigations, they intend, the intelligence committee intends to hand over a bunch of transcripts that the intelligence committee refuse to hand over to mueller. what if they say they lied to congress and make this even more of an investigation. i don't think he knows this is about to conclude, either. and the president kept. he said he didn't know about it. so how significant is that wechlt now proof that he knew about it or that he didn't know
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about it. >> i think any statement makes him public. i don't think he would ever feel like he was held to those statements. >> there is another very important witness in this that is still cooperating who would have known a lot about this polling information, and that's rick gates who was your former client and paul manafort's right-hand man. this is someone cooperating with mueller r. so, you know, president trump can obviously deny it publicly, but if there was any kind of document trail, and if we knew about this during the campaign, you can bet that the report, let's call it the mueller report. it should be public. in the past it has been public. and members of congress have had access to underlying findings that didn't even make the report. the president asked if it should
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be public and he won't respond. >> if he said, no, i request that so much of it be redacted or blocked. he just left it open. i thought that was fascinating that he didn't try to put his foot down, which his lawyers certainly intended told. president trump heading to the border to make his case for building a wall. the president's visit to the southern border is coming after he walked out of talk. before he left today, he told reporters that if the democrats won't make a deal, he'll take action on his own. >> i have the absolute right to declare a national emergency. i haven't done it yet. i may do it. if this doesn't work out, probably i will do it. i would almost say definitely. this is a national emergency. >> cnn chief white house
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correspondent jim acosta is in adalgo, texas near the border. jim, the president seems about to declare a national emergency. what steps have been taken? is there a sense of how it might unfold? have they gotten this far at the white house? >> reporter: yeah, brianna, and i should point out we're in hidalgo, texas which is near mcallen. the president will arrive here shortly. he'll make a trip down to the border and talk to border agents here to get a sense of what's happening. it does sound like the white house is making preparations just in case he decides to declare that national emergency at the border. the white house counsel's office has been looking at this for some time now, looking at whether that could be successful if it's subjected to a court challenge. i will tell you, brianna, it's a
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curious place for a president to come. in hidalgo, where we are right now, has consistently been called one of the safest cities in america. we've been talking to local residents this morning. i talked to one woman just a short while ago who said she's been here for ten years, hasn't seen any crime, hasn't heard any incidences of people coming across the border and shooting and causing mayhem and that sort of thing. walked along portions of the border this morning, didn't see any migrants trying to cross. obviously that happens in other parts of the border region. it happens in other places, of course. and, of course, they have had instances of crime where undocumented immigrants have come into the country, though we should point out, at much lower levels than native-born americans. at the same time, it does raise the question, brianna, as to why the president would come to this
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area, because it has been traditionally done. earlier he talked about issues he would like to have done, money that he would like to see for the border. he was asked why isn't mexico paying for it, because he talked about that on the campaign trail, and he said to reporters, i never said mexico would write us a big check. that is not true, brianna, because during the campaign, the campaign put out proposals that said mexico could, one way or another, make a one-time payment to the the were -- the wire. we've seen the president using misleading information to try to sell the country on the idea of building a wall and having the u.s. taxpayers pay for it instead of the people of mexico, which is what he promised during the campaign. but he'll be down here in about
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45 minutes from now, talk to local officials, talk to border patrol agents, and then we should get some pictures of him actually on the border getting a firsthand look at things for himself. but as i pointed out, brianna, it is -- this is a very safe part of the border, so it's a strange place for him to go to try to make that case, brianna. >> jim acosta, thank you so much. near the border as he's following president trump's visit there today. next i'm going to speak live with a democrat on the house intelligence committee about efforts behind the scenes to end the shutdown. plus, speaker nancy pelosi says the meeting was a setup by the white house, that meeting with president trump and republicans. a setup, she said, so the president could walk out. we'll talk about that. and anger is boiling as protests erupt nationwide over federal workers not being paid. these are live pictures and we'll bring you cnn's live
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no wall, no way. that is the position the democrats are sticking with in this border wall government shutdown standoff. president trump says they're not concerned about crime, they're not concerned about border security. >> the democrats, which i've been saying all along, they don't give a damn about crime. they don't care about crime. they don't care about gang members coming in and stabbing people and cutting people up. the democrats don't care about crime. they've been taken over by a group of young people who practically in some cases, i've been watching, i actually think they're crazy. >> democratic congressman joakim castro of texas joins us now.
10:18 am
he's a member of the intel committee and the foreign affairs committee. he's a member of the expanded conference as well. thank you for being with us, congressman. just give us your reaction to what the president said there, the democrats don't care about crime because they're opposed to the wall. >> that's just not true. there is a very important distinction to be made between supporting border security, smart, effective border security like technology, more manpower, 21st century solutions, and the 17th century solution the president is asking for in a wall. and before the holidays, the senate voted unanimously to support border security funding without president trump's border wall and the house of representatives did so in january. the only person holding this up is president trump. he had actually agreed initially to what the senate and the house had passed, but then started watching fox news and was getting beat up by sean hannity and laura ingram and these other folks, ann coulter, so then he
10:19 am
changed his mind. he's bowing basically to these talk show hosts on fox news. >> there are some senate republicans who privately, they're planning to court democratic senators. they want to offer proposals, kind of sweeteners here, right? they want to talk about d.r.e.a.m.ers, they want to talk about other issues in exchange for border wall money. do you think that will work with your democratic colleagues in the senate? >> first, i'm encouraged that chuck schumer, nancy pelosi and everybody else are getting together and meeting regularly. that's a good thing because the government has been shut down for 21 days and it's a priority to get it reopened. two things. number one, i have not seen any kind of serious offer from president trump or from the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, or lindsey graham. the second thing is that, like many americans, i'm not inclined to trade the lives and futures
10:20 am
of millions of d.r.e.a.m.ers for a big, long border wall across the border with mexico. of course, we want to listen to what they have to offer, but i'm not inclined to make that trade right now. >> do you worry at a certain point that people who are really feeling the financial strain of this, federal workers, contract workers, that eventually they are going to turn on democrats? you know, they're going to turn on government in general and just be very upset that the shutdown isn't resolved? democrats, it seems, when you listen to nancy pelosi, they seem so sure that they have the support for not building the wall that that is going to somehow trump the major economic concerns. why that confidence? >> well, no, i think you're right. i think people are already frustrated. they'll be even more frustrated and angry when they start missing a paycheck on friday and people can't pay rent, they can't pay mortgages, they can't make car payments. they get extra penalties and late fees on credit cards and stuff. so yes, the heat and anger i
10:21 am
think is going to intensify. but i think speaker pelosi makes that point because i also believe most americans know and agree that it was president trump who is the one that basically moved the goalpost. again, remember the senate voted unanimously on the same bill that the democratic house voted on to reopen the government. so there is one problem here, and it's in the white house. >> i just want to mention the president has canceled his trip to davos as the shutdown drags on. that just happened. it's looking increasingly, and you heard the president say this, declaring a national emergency is on the table. what is your reaction to that as a method of reopening the government? >> i hope that he doesn't take us down that path. if he does that, we'll file a motion or a resolution of disapproval in the congress right away and ask for a vote on it. we'll also fight him and
10:22 am
challenge him in every way that we can. in the congress, in the courts and in the streets ain protest. >> why is that a problem? you'll have federal workers and folks who say, thank goodness, i get my paycheck back if the government reopens. why is it a problem in your eyes to declare a national emergency? >> i think a few things. the first thing is that there is no national emergency at the border. hopefully when he goes to mcallen today where my wife grew up, people will talk to him. even conservatives will tell him there is no crisis there. the border cities in texas, arizona, new mexico, so forth, have the safest cities in the united states. i just visited a border patrol station that apperehends or taks in migrants and there was zero migrants. there were no migrants being held there that day. i think the public has a tough time explaining how this is a national emergency.
10:23 am
senator rubio said earlier today, i believe, that it also sets a precedent for other presidents to come along and declare national emergencies based on policies that they favor. so politically and legislatively it's bad, but it's also -- there is not a national emergency. there is a humanitarian crisis, but the only national emergency at the border right now is in the president's imagination. >> i want to turn to a different topic now. you are on the intel committee, and there is, of course, the russia investigation going on with the special counsel. listen to what the president said today when asked about that investigation. >> reporter: the special counsel's final report, do you want that to be made public? >> we'll have to see. there's been no collusion whatsoever. we'll have to see. >> he won't say if the report, if robert mueller's report should be made public. what's your reaction to that? >> well, the american people are owed that report. that's a report not just for congress, but even more than for
10:24 am
congress, that's a report that is due to the american people. so many of us will do everything we can to make sure that that report sees the light of day when it's ready. >> does it say anything about him, that he will not put that report out, or do you not want to go that far? >> no, it raises the question, what does the president think is going to be in that report that's so damaging that he's got to hide it from the american people? if it is as he says, that there was no collusion, that he had no contact with russians and so forth, that he did nothing wrong, then why would he hide that report from the american people? that report needs to see the light of day. >> congressman, thank you so much for being with us. joaquin castro, we really appreciate it. >> thank you. we have breaking news. robert mueller's team has asked for a trump campaign pollster. why that could be significant,
10:25 am
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and it's strengthened by xfi pods, which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. negotiations so far produced very little in the way of progress on funding the president's border wall or reopening it the government. you're looking at live pictures of protests here. you have two sides who can't even agree on what happened during this white house meeting with congressional leaders. >> our meeting did not last long. >> the president walked into the room and passed out candy.
10:30 am
>> we saw a temper tantrum. >> i don't have temper trantrum, i really don't. >> he slammed the table. >> i didn't slam the table. i should have. >> he got up and said, we have nothing to discuss, and just wau walked out. >> i very calmly said, if you're not going to give us strong borders, bye bye, and i left. >> surprise, surprise, i think the meaning was a setup so he could walk out. >> i do think they agreed on the "bye bye" part. you're the political commentator and the host of michael smirconish. the president did use the word compromise today, but do you think he really would compromise here? >> well, i think what makes this
10:31 am
so difficult to compromise is it's theoretically a budget impasse. when there is a budget impasse, there is a negotiation, and you meet somewhere close to the middle and both sides usually get to leave and proclaim victory. but brianna, in this case, it's a fight over the wall, and in the end it's either going to be built or it won't be built. so someone really will be the victor. and i think that's what's making a resolution so difficult. >> the president spoke just not too long ago before he took off to head to the border from the white house south lawn, and he said this about mexico paying for the wall. >> when during the campaign, i would say mexico is going to pay for it, obviously i never said this, and i never meant they're going to write out a check. >> that's not what he said, though. so what's your reaction to the
10:32 am
fact -- unless he meant a money order, but he said mexico would pay for this. it's pretty clear what he said. this is exactly against that. >> there's no doubt. on the campaign trail and via twitter ever since, the implication is that they would be directly paying for it. i don't know whether people took him seriously in that regard, but there is no doubt that he said something then that he's not saying now. look, from my perspective, what i see, i see democrats who are opposing this wall or whatever he's calling it largely because it's so associated with him skpchhim. and i see republicans who are for it because democrats are against it. i have to believe, brianna, that some part of a wall is necessary. but not all of it. they're treating this in such simplistic terms without a full explanation of where exactly is it needed? and why is it needed?
10:33 am
i thought the other night he should have done a ross perot-like presentation with charts and die graham a -- diagd satellite images. i don't think the democratic response has been all that convincing as to why at least some portion of our border wouldn't be enhanced in his security with the erection of more building, slat, whatever it might be. >> let's say it's on the border with texas. they have so much border. they don't want this. whether it's state officials or federal officials, like members of congress. how does he make that case that this is effective if you have members of his own party who do not want this? >> well, i think one of the issues as to why they don't want
10:34 am
it is because they don't to want surrender our property. there are some eminent domain issues here that the president has brushed aside so far that really might bog down this entire process, even if he uses some emergency power to try to get it done. imagine if you are a property owner in a border area that doesn't have a security issue, and i get tired of portraying it as if it's all monolithic, that all the folks on that border see it the same way or face the same security considerations, because they don't. but you would be worried about the surrender of your property and what the hell it's going to look like, right? >> sure, and that's what we're seeing, right? there is a lot of people on the border and that's exactly their concern, michael. >> exactly right. somebody will have to give, but we're going to know who wins this one. that's my report. >> you can catch michael's show at 9:00 a.m. eastern this saturday. coming up, protests
10:35 am
interrupted. 20 days into the government shutdown as we see senator blumenthal take the mic. we're going to see one tsa worker going without pay and struggling to make ends meet. and more on our breaking news. the special counsel team questioning a vetting pollster. we'll have more, next. has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life.
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a critical warning from
10:40 am
nearly three dozen aviation groups. this partial shutdown, it says, has already inflicted real damage to our nation's aviation system and the impacts will only worsen over time. that's actually part of the three-page letter that was sent to president trump, house speaker nancy pelosi and majority leader mitch mcconnell, imploring them to reopen the government. christine vitel is a tsa agent at chicago's o'hare international airport and she is working without pay. christine, thank you for being on with us. >> no problem. >> how has the shutdown impacted you personally as you work and are not getting paid? >> we just, of course, found out a couple days ago we are not getting our paycheck, and yesterday when i was at work, my son texted me a picture. i got a five-day notice from -- i had a house, i bought a house, but i rent the land. my community sent me a five-day notice to pay on my lot rent.
10:41 am
i gave them the permanent home security letter they received, and they said they would work with me. when i spoke to them yesterday, the resectionist melissa stated that i needed to pay my rent, and if i don't pay my rent within five days, she'll have to see what the manager wants to do and that could be court procedures. i told him, i'm not refusing to pay my rent, and i said, it's going to be late because i'm not getting a paycheck. >> christine, when you're at work, when you're at o'hare, do you see any effect or are you starting to see an effect on operations there with tsa workers? >> no. the officers that are coming into work, myself included, we're all doing our job. we are there for a mission, and that's not going to persuade, whatever, the news, whatever is happening. we're still doing our job 100%. >> what happens, christine, if the shutdown extends through
10:42 am
another pay period for you? >> for me? i don't know. i don't know. i have at least -- up to this paycheck, you know -- i could last a couple more weeks. my son does work part-time. he just finished his associate's, so he's working part-time. his job doesn't offer full-time. i'll be begging him for at least gas money, basically, and then i have to go with the flow for everything else. >> president trump has said federal workers who are going without pay want a wall. do you want a wall? >> no. i do not. it doesn't make sense to me. the shutdown was supposed to be for our budget, not for a wall. i disagree with everything that he has stated about that. >> you know, the president actually watches cnn quite a bit, so members of congress do as well. you have a chance here to talk directly to him, directly to them. what do you want them to know from your perspective?
10:43 am
>> from everything that i've read and i see people, you know, making comments. they say they're paying our paycheck, but i pay taxes, too. and you know what, we are here to protect everybody that lives here. you know, cut us some slack. give us our pay. we are working, now we're being told we might not get a paycheck. that's just unethical. bottom line, just open up the government. give us our pay. >> christine, thank you very much for joining us. christine vitel. >> no problem. thank you. coming up, the president landing in texas for his visit with the southern border after threatening to declare a national emergency to get his border wall. we'll have more on the stalled negotiations with congress. breaking news this hour, robert mueller's team interviewing a trump campaign pollster. how he could fit into the larger russia probe, next.
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president trump has said he'll still be considering declaring a national emergency in an effort to get his wall, but for federal workers not getting paid, it's already an emergency. there are families across the country who are at risk of having their heat cut off now in the dead of winter. they're facing the fear of being evicted from their homes. we have freshman republican congressman chip roy. congressman, thank you for being on this afternoon. >> thank you, brianna, for having me on. >> your state of texas has 140,000 federal workers. you have said, quote, we shouldn't have people unpaid providing the necessary services for our government. why do you support attaching
10:49 am
their pay, attaching the operations of the government, to this issue of the border wall? >> well, look, i don't think we should be holding federal employees hostage because democrats refuse to do their job to secure the border. right now today in texas, we know there is going to be a young girl who will be captured by a cartel -- >> but how can they not pass something that senate republicans have passed? >> what's important is that little girl today who will get sold in the sex trade because the government today is refusing to do its sovereign duty to protect its border. right now we have the vargas family suffering because jerry vargas was murdered by an illegal immigrant last summer who had been captured and released, captured and released. there have been 186,000 illegal immigrants who have been charged for crimes for over 4,000 crimes committed. we have fentanyl coming over our border and a fence is the basic
10:50 am
thing to stem the tide of people coming over here illegally. people of the united states and for the immigrants who seek to come here. >> congressman, i see your point if the cato institute, a people dealing with these crimes and the impact on the families. one point that was made is that points don't -- they commit crimes at the lesser degree than people who are not immigrants, than american. and when it comes to fentanyl, i see your point except that that fentanyl isn't coming across the border, it is coming across the border but through ports of entry, most of it -- the vast majority of it is coming through points of entry, it's not being crept across the border as you and other republicans seem to indicate that it is, so what do you say to those facts? >> well, i'm glad you raise that
10:51 am
point because what you do when you secure the border between the points of entry, is you focus the attention of our law enforcement personnel and our great border patrol agents on the people coming through the points of entry to ensure that we stop fentanyl, to ensure we stop drugs and opioids coming across too. >> that's already where it's coming through. >> if you focus your resources between the points of entry, you're able to make sure we do a better job stopping it there. and, by the way, we don't know full well where it's coming through. there's a lot of different data on that. here's the key -- >> this is i'm citing just to be clear, i'm citing federal data from the dea. >> outside data from dps in the state of texas where we know precisely the number of criminals existing in the united states in texas who are harming texas citizens like the vargas families, the 7,000 girls putting into human traffic trade just last year alone and those are the numbers we know of and it's a devastating reality of what the cartels are doing. go talk to the border agent down
10:52 am
there by himself, has no radio signal. he'll tell you the cartels have operational control of the border. he'll tell you he doesn't have the ability to communicate, that the cane is too thick to operate and he can't even see the river to do his job or navigate along theorio grand in order to stop the 72 mile sector in laredo. the time is now to end this crisis and secure our border like any sovereign nation has done and by doing that, will get control of the illegal drugs coming across that are killing american and making it to immigrants can come here safely, which is what we all want. we want them to come here securely and safely rather than being pawns in these illegal organizations that are using them as human chattel. >> i appreciate that you feel very strongly about the border wall, that this is an issue here, but we've been hearing from a lot of federal workers, we've been hearing from contract
10:53 am
workers, they're never going to get back pay. i want to ask something that i have asked others, are you going to not accept pay so you can stand in solidarity with the people that congress are forcing to go unpaid? >> i'm glad you asked that question, i and other colleagues were chun indicating to the officials here in the administrative office that we'll suspend our pay while others are waiting to get paid as well. here's the thing that's important, the democrats are the ones that are obstructing the ability to fund what we need to do to have our government running and secure a border. democrats are hiding behind this because they simply want to have a political fight rather than doing their basic job to secure the united states. this is a solvable problem. it's $5 billion in a year in which we'll have a trillion dollars deficit. that is pocket change. they ought to just secure the border now and this whole problem goes away.
10:54 am
>> that assertion about nancy pelosi and chuck schumer it's not apples to apples. i want to ask you about this trip to the border, this trip that the president is taking to your state. he is there. he admitted earlier this week, though, that this trip was just a publicity stunt, that he really did not want to do this. that he didn't think it was going to change anything. do you agree with him? >> well, i think that it's important to have publicity at the border. i also think it's important to go down and talk to the people who are seeing first hand what's happening. i've taken multiple trips to the border. met with border patrol. gone down with dhs, when i was ted cruz's chief-of-staff. it's very important to go down and see what's happening. go down to the rio grande. go sit there and look at the garbage and the remnant clothes. go see ranches where there are rape trees which tom talked about a decade ago in the floor of the senate because of what's happening to little girls because we turn our head and pat ourselves on the back as a country that open borders is
10:55 am
somehow good for immigrants. it's not. i'm glad he's there to see first hand what's going on. >> why raise that spector when the statistics do not favor the republican argument here? >> i disagree wholeheartedly. what we're seeing right now is devastating consequences to little girls, to women, to children -- >> how do you disagree with a fact when it comes to crime that it is reduced and this is according to keto? this is no enemy of republicans. this is combing through different data and coming to a conclusion and the conclusion is that undocumented immigrants, immigrants are actually less likely to commit crimes? >> looking at those numbers doesn't change the fact that there are over 400,000 illegal immigrants in texas that we know of and the data talked about from dps about 186,000 illegal immigrants who have been prosecuted for over 400,000 crimes, those are real numbers.
10:56 am
by the way, not one of those numbers is going to bring jared vargas back. not one of those numbers is going to let lori vargas speak to her son again and not one of those numbers is going to do anything for the little girl that's being sold today in the human traffic field. we just want to talk about numbers and pretend there isn't a problem. it's a real problem and we need to fix it. >> it's a real problem with nonimmigrants, so why not focus as much attention on texans who are not immigrants who are committing heinous crimes in your state and killing people and raping people? >> i'm glad you asked that. i was very happy to put bad guys behind bars and that's what we should do. >> all right. thanks for being with us. >> thanks, really appreciate it. >> we appreciate it as well. breaking news, cnn is learning that robert mueller's team has questioned a trump campaign pollster after this news that paul manafort shared information with a russian. your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small
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you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me today. president trump, there he is, will fist bump, shaking hands there in texas. just arrived at the south border town of mcallen. today is day 20. the shutdown talks over the president's push for $5 billion to pay for a wall or steel barrier along mexico is going nowhere. plus the president admits he thinks this trip will not change to quote him, a damn thing. worst of all, hundreds of thousands of federal workers will not get paid tomorrow and when tomorrow ends, it will mark the moment when this shutdown has become the longest in u.s. history. now, one possible exit strategy here for the president declaring a national emergency. the president said today and quoting him, i probably will do


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